Don’t let contractors devalue your property through installation of cheap products or poor workmanship!

Purchasing Departments and Property Management

  • Review of entire insurance claim (HVAC, interior, exterior, etc.)
  • Roof Warranty Assistance
  • Sloped Roofing Budgets
  • Commercial Flat Roofing
  • Roof Consulting
  • New Construction Estimates
  • Multi-year Service Contracts Available

Roof Warranty Assistance:

  • Get answers to any individual project
  • Understanding the difference between standard free manufacturer warranties that include “labor and material” and the most often required purchased No Dollar Limit manufacturer labor and material warranty with manufacturer inspections.
  • Understanding accessory warranty coverages usually required such as; FM wind coverages, wind uplift coverage versus wind speed, hail coverages, average insulation R-values versus total R-value coverage, metal flashing coverage and ratings and why most of these are not included within the warranties due to a multiple of factors.
  • Understanding the manufacturer inspection process

Roof Consulting/Management:
Available Upon Request, Cost Determined Per Individual Project

  • Sloped Roofing
  • Commercial Flat Roofing


“No contracts and no obligation Free Estimates!”

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