The 4 Don’ts!

  1. Don’t let Contractors take your insurance money!
  2. Don’t pay for work or materials until completed!
  3. Don’t let Contractors devalue your home through installation of cheap products and poor workmanship!
  4. Don’t rush to settle your insurance claim and keep the control in your hands!

Protect your largest investment and make sure your insurance claim is invested in your property not in contractor’s pockets!

Tools that can help:

  • We review your entire insurance claim and help you get more money or identify what is missing
  • Need a Roof Estimate FAST to complete a real estate sale?
  • Roof Insurance Claim Assistance (maximizes your claim and protects your funds)
  • New Construction Estimates
  • Check which companies have the oldest BBB accreditation dates, not just if they have an ‘A’ rating or not, the older the accreditation is a better representation of a good stable company.

No contracts and no obligation tools!

Residential Roofing Estimate